The case of the stuttering laptop Blu-ray player

When I bought my new HP laptop in summer of 2013, I noticed casually that the CD/DVD/Blu-ray combo drive would occasionally spin up as if to read a disc even if there was nothing in there. Because I rarely used the drive, I found this curious but didn’t pay it any further attention. Fast forward Continue Reading »

Form over function: Dumb trends in home design

Here’s my short list of things that seem to sell homes, but leave me dumbfounded. Bowl Sinks Giant bowls are for tossing salads, not sinks. I don’t need to brush my teeth out of something that looks like a museum piece. Not only is this harder to use, it is also arduous to clean with almost double the Continue Reading »

Blizzard 2013

Mother nature dealt a sucker punch to New England on February 8 & 9 with the biggest snow event since the winter of 2010-2011. Snow fall across Massachusetts varied from two to three feet in most places. Knowing the storm was coming, I decided it was a good time to make use of my recent Continue Reading »